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Carmel Bird Digital Literary award winners out now

Praise for this year’s Carmel Bird Award publications:

“Rashida Murphy compresses lifetimes into these nuanced and intimate stories where characters grapple with ways of being and belonging. Her characters remake lives in shifting terrain where sometimes it is barely possible to speak, let alone be heard. The echoes of absences, and of unspoken, misremembered and intentionally forgotten events, ripple across time and place.”

Michelle Michau Crawford, Leaving Elvis

‘Delve into the fragility of the human psyche with Dominique Hecq’s collection of short stories Smacked and other stories of addiction. This collection invites you to experience the rollercoaster of shock, shame, desperation, and hope written into the lives of her very relatable characters.’

Marshall Moore, author of I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind of Thing

‘In Lake Malibu and other stories, Malaysia bursts into teeming life, sensual and unsentimental, peopled by hungry, slightly lonely souls, some Australia-bound, all longing for soul mates. This collection introduces a quietly powerful voice, one that could enrich Australian writing for years to come.’

James Button, author and former journalist at The Age

A Condensed History of Australian Camels by David Thomas Henry Wright due out in 2022.

Moon Orchard Audiobook

Spineless Wonders is seeking submissions for the Moon Orchard Audiobook Anthology of South-East Asian voices. We’re looking for writers and creators regardless of their publishing experience to share their experiences with culture and identity in Australia and abroad.
Who: South-East Asian authors and voices.
Why: We want to provide a platform for South-East Asian voices because we feel that they’re under-represented in the Australian literature landscape
What: We’re looking for submissions of fiction, creative non-fiction, songs, or translations, with a limit of 200-1000 words or 1 – 10 minutes. You can submit your work as text and/or audio format.
When: Submissions open January 31st. Close March 31st, 2022.
A deeply moving memoir about the battles waged against terminal illness and a mother’s struggle to comprehend the battlefield in its wake. While some family members wage war against her daughter’s disease with natural therapies, and doctors fight on using the latest developments in medical science, she longs to take her daughter to Paris instead, the city that inspired the young woman’s writing and art.

The Asparagus Wars asks questions about notions of victory at all costs. Shot through with fearless wit and resonant description, this story will break your heart but leave you richer for the experience.

Order Spineless Wonders Smalls for your summer reading

Short Stories 10 year anniversary edition
The limited edition Spineless Wonders Smalls collection celebrates 10 years of Spineless Wonders publishing. These pocket-sized reads will make an attractive addition to any bookshelf, and they're perfect for on-the-go reading!

From Carmel Bird Digital Literary Award winners spanning poetry, short fiction and microfiction to a short story collection of Australian queer fiction, there's something in the set for every type of lit lover.

‘All Hands sits in the tradition of Tim Winton’s Western Australian stories of masculinity and the ocean, except here it is Queensland, and written by a woman.’ Moya Costello
‘Apologia is a treasure.’ Christos Tsiolkas
‘Maree Dawes (author of brb: be right back) is a new and refreshing voice in Australian poetry.' Barbara Temperton
'(Queer as Fiction is) a powerful, important and inspiring collection.’ Monique Schafter, ABC Queer
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New on the blog

After two day of brainstorming ways I could make money out of a PhD about fairy tales and The Arabian Nights, I had nothing. Niente. Nada. So I pitched a truly ridiculous idea. I told them that I would dress as Marie Antoinette for one year, 24/7, in historically accurate replica costume, and go about my everyday life in Maitland.

Read about Helen Hopcroft's unusual year in performance art.
Slinkies Deadline 2022
Do you battle with Millennial Fatigue? Symptoms include a generalised sense of impending doom about our planet whilst at the same time tuning it out entirely to focus on what really matters… why does this person’s Instagram feed horrify me to my very core, yet I keep going back to see what the hell they’ve done now? It’s okay, you might just be Under 30!

And congratulations, that qualifies you to use your creative energy to enter our writing competition.

Slinkies is looking for your writing:
  • under 10,000 words
  • of absolutely any genre or style
to publish and promote in our annual anthology of carefully hand-selected submissions.

Dates for your diary:

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