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We are very excited to introduce Earworms, Spineless Wonders audiobooks newsletter. Stay with us for the latest news, discounts, giveaways and other great stuff coming your way.

Getting started with Authors Direct – 2 ways

Click on the icon below to watch our How To video, and learn how simple it is to purchase an audiobook using Authors Direct. Follow the step-by-step guide to get the latest audiobooks delivered to your phone or tablet in no time. If you still have questions, please get in touch at info@spinelesswondersaudio.com.au

Grab It Now

To celebrate the launch of Earworms, you can purchase Ashley Kalagian Blunt's heartfelt and gripping novella and essays My Name Is Revenge at a reduced price of $9.99.

From Australia to the streets of 1920s Berlin and the horrors of the American genocide of World
War I, this story blends historical facts with compelling crime fiction.

Narrated by Felix Johnson, My Name Is Revenge will only be discounted for a limited time of one month, so get yours today.
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