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Earworms #2

Siarad Takes Out International Award – Save $$$ On Audiobook

Siarad, written and narrated by Caroline Reid, has placed 2nd in the Welsh Poetry Competition, Poetry Book Awards 2022. To celebrate this outstanding win, we are offering the award-winning audiobook Siarad at the bargain price of $1.99 via Authors Direct*. Be quick, as the sale ends Friday 18 November.
*New to Authors Direct? Check out our short How To video here.
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Siarad: Poetry & Prose

Siarad is a Welsh word meaning to talk, to speak. In this collection of spoken word, prose poetry and micro-fiction, Reid speaks to the memories and emotions that move us through decades, continents and cultures. The collection pulses with images of stars and stray dogs, highways with no horizon and mothers with fading memories.

CAROLINE REID is a widely published author, performer and playwright whose performance shines in this collection of works that are as bold as they are tender, begging to be shouted, spoken, whispered many times over.
Click the icon below to experience an evening of performances from Siarad by Caroline Reid in conversation with sound designer Jeff Zhang.

In Other News To Worm Your Heart

Wingless, now on Audible

Have an Audible subscription? Spineless Wonders audiobook Wingless is now available to purchase on Audible. Click the link below to find out more.
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Or, click here to download your copy from Authors Direct.
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