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Earworms #7


By Helen Middleton

Covering a wide range of issues presented frequently in counselling sessions by 13-17-year-olds, Teen Time invites teenagers to make time for self-reflection and to consider alternative possibilities rather than acting on impulse. It encourages them to choose how they want to be in every area of their life.
Teen Time is also a valuable resource for parents, teachers, beginning counsellors, social workers and youth workers.

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Teen Time

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Join Helen Middleton in this informative video about managing your overthinking and anxiety, and learn how to control unhelpful neural pathways.
Finding your way in early adulthood
For many Australians who are anxiously awaiting their soon-to-be-released high school results, this is the perfect time to listen to Finding Your Way in Early Adulthood and gain perspective on how to map the future. It is an exploration of the challenges that teenagers face after high school when dealing with new freedoms and responsibilities.
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