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Earworms #9

Check out these titles for Little Ears

Whether you're in the car on the way to a Christmas holiday or looking for a different bedtime experience for the little ones, these audiobooks are perfect for the whole family to enjoy. Receive a FREE title from our Little Ears collection when using *Authors Direct for the first time.
Hector and his Highland Dancers Cover
Title: Hector and his Highland Dancers On sale now
Author: Anthony Sevil
Narrator: Thomas G Burt
Mr Mc Fowler trains his chickens to become Highland Dancers and plays the bagpipes while his troupe performs.
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Title: Princess Hayley's Comet
Author: Rebecca Fung
Narrator: Aimee Smith
Hayley's birthday wish is to have a sparkly comet of her own, and she aims to build the only comet catcher in the world to make her wish come true.
Lucy Newton audiobook cover
Title: Lucy Newton Little Witch
Author: Phoebe McArthur
Narrator: Aimee Smith
While home alone Lucy breaks the NO MAGIC rule, and with the help of a talking spellbook and a grumpy cat, she races to get rid of the giant green slug she has created.
Copy of Mr Ming audiobook Cover v3
Title: Mr Ming and the Mooncake Dragon
Author: Kathy Creamer
Narrator: Angela Tran
Sound designer: Gio Sancho
Mr Ming keeps his delicious mooncake recipe a secret, but that's not the only secret he has been keeping as he prepares for the mid-autumn festival.
A House of Mud Cover
Title: A House of Mud
Author: Sophie Masson
Narrators: Katie Regan, Thomas G Burt
Sound designer: Emma Higgins
Building a mudbrick house is an adventure for the whole family, especially when they decide that Tess, the family dog, needs a house as well.

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