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Earworms #14

A multicultural landscape that opens the world

The Bonesetter's Fee and other stories

Authored and narrated by Rashida Murphy

This set of 20 short stories and flash fiction is a lyrical and powerful collection that examines the experiences of girls and women travelling across the globe between Australia and India and beyond. Murphy explores themes of identity, breathing life into superstition and myth. The collection encapsulates how one’s heritage and history can influence their personhood, and how human connection and understanding link us together.


'Crisp and observant, these stories give a powerful voice to quiet experience.'
Brooke Dunnell, Winner, 2021 Fogarty Literary Award

‘Rashida Murphy’s The Bonesetter’s Fee And Other Stories is a luminous, skillfully-crafted collection about little lives narrated in a distinctively compelling voice.’ Roanna Gonsalves, judge, 2021 Carmel Bird Digital Literary Award

'Rashida Murphy compresses lifetimes into these nuanced and intimate stories where characters grapple with ways of being and belonging. Her characters remake lives in shifting terrain where sometimes it is barely possible to speak, let alone be heard. The echoes of absences, and of unspoken, misremembered and intentionally forgotten events, ripple across time and place.' Michelle Michau Crawford, Leaving Elvis

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Rashida Murphy: Author and Narrator

Rashida Murphy–as well as being a brilliant writer, poet, reviewer and blogger– is also a talented narrator who gives a compelling voice to her characters in The Bonesetter's Fee and Other Stories, as she transports you into their lives.

Join Rashida Murphy in Dastan: Story – Dastan is the Urdu word for 'story' and is an ornate form of oral history from Central Asia, Iran, Turkey and Azerbaijan.
In conversation with special guest speakers Lakshmi Kanchi and Dureshawar Khan, Murphy speaks about female vulnerability in patriarchal societies and as subjects of Imperialism.
Click below to watch the YouTube video.

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