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Earworms #15

"Have you ever had doubts about your identity and presentation? Have you ever been confused because of your skin colour, language or culture ... and asked yourself, how exactly do I fit in under the same sky in a white world?" Listen to these powerful spoken words in

Moon Orchard: an audiobook anthology

"You will find contemporary Asian perspectives–an idea, a path, a direction."
A mother’s own childhood experiences of bigotry are triggered when her son is picked on for the colour of his skin. Another mother pre-judges a parent at the school drop-off on the basis of her appearance. A disparate group of travellers on the trans-Siberian railway in the 1930s share memories of Chinese culture, history and politics. And an Australian-Chinese visitor finds herself both fascinated and estranged riding a subway in modern-day China.
Moon Orchard presents a range of Asian Australian voices exploring identity and experience in a variety of writing styles from prose to poetry to spoken word.
Author-narrated stories:
‘Fair Enough’ by Seetha Nambiar Dodd,
‘And/Or’ by Lin Blythe,
‘Time and Prejudice’ by Rohini Keegan Alexander,
‘Clockwork’ by Christine Pang,
‘The Quiet Places I Walk’ by Isabelle Quilty,
‘West of Chita’ by B. Fanlin,
‘I Owe You' by Janet Bi Li Chan,
‘Succumbing to Dystopia’ by Angela Jin.
With special guest, Hawaiian-based Vietnamese multi-media artist, azianami, performing ‘Memories Butterflies’.

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It's not too late

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