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Earworms #16

Bite-sized stories to devour in one gulp

If you delight in tales told in small portions, Slinkies will have your taste buds tingling. In these tantalising short stories by authors under 30, your journey will take you to a zombie in the makeup department, a haunted tree, a lost child, a deadly workplace and a levitating housemate. These stories are narrated by professional actors and are perfectly sized to savour a new story each night.
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Get to know our Slinkies authors

Check out these insightful interviews with our Spineless Wonders team

Thomas Alan talks about his short fiction, Stumps/Smokes, how adolescent experience informs his writing and about his favourite authors.
Thomas Alan
Liam Higham talks about his comic zombie short story, Drop Dead Gorgeous, about the influences on his writing and the latest project he is working on.
Sophie Overett talks about her short story, Drift, about levitating and about writing, podcasting and her latest reads.
Sophie Overett
Emil Cholic talks about his short story, Linesman and about the influences that travel and his occupation as a copywriter have had on his writing.
Emil Colic

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