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Earworms #12

The Girl Who Left: From Croatia to the Canefields

In 1950 an opportunity arises for 17-year-old Marija to escape the hunger and despair that surrounds her in the war-ravaged Croatian island of Korčula by committing herself to a stranger in faraway North Queensland through a proxy marriage. Taking the plunge, she leaves her family and friends, her culture and everything she has ever known, to sail 12,000 km to a foreign land.
Is it a chance for a better life? Will her husband be a good man? Will she ever see her family again?

Debra Gavranich

In this story of survival, courage and hope, Debra writes about her mother's experience leaving Korčula and making a new life in Australia. The Girl Who Left , narrated by Ella Watson Russell, is the true story of a courageous young woman who risks everything in her quest to escape a still-traumatised Europe.
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