Talking and Walking with Jen Craig

December 9, 2016By Bronwyninterviews, Shop

“It’s an unseasonably warm day at the beginning of May, rays of sunlight are filtering through the leaves of a towering Moreton Bay Fig tree. I sit on a park bench waiting at the top of Glebe Point Park for Sydney author Jen Craig.” Recent USyd M.A. in Publishing grad, Alyssa Hanley takes an entertaining … Read More

Meet the Slinkies: Laurence Levy-Atkinson

November 14, 2016By BronwynShop, Slinkies

The 2016 Slinkies eSingles are now out, and we are excited to share this series of  interviews with under 30 emerging writers. Here, Slinkies‘ publicist, Ashley Mounser throws Laurence Levy-Atkinson, author of ‘Farblondzhet‘ some questions about his story, the influences on his writing and about where to next.

Meet the Slinkies: Kyra Thomsen

November 7, 2016By BronwynSlinkies

The 2016 Slinkies eSingles are now out, and here is the first of our interviews with under 30 emerging writers. Here, Slinkies‘ publicist, Ashley Mounser throws Kyra Thomsen, author of ‘Buzzing’ some questions about her story, the influences on her writing and about where to next.

Loopholes of life

October 14, 2016By Bronwyninterviews, Shop

What do microfiction, ocean swimming and loopholes have in common? Nicole Schalchlin talks to Susan McCreery, author of the new microfiction collection, Loopholes, to find out. Driving down the windy road of Bulli pass into the beachside suburb of Thirroul near Wollongong, there is a down-to-earth calmness and authenticity that inevitably seems to settle in. … Read More

Microlit on StoryPhones

October 6, 2016By Bronwynfeature article, microlit, Shop

We are excited to be launching the Spineless Wonders StoryPhones. The first set of twelve audio stories to be featured on the StoryPhones are microlit – all under two minutes long. The subject matter ranges from shark attacks to shipwrecks and they are recorded by actors as well as  authors. In this article, intern, Jordan … Read More

Introducing StoryPhones

October 5, 2016By Bronwynfeature article, microlit, Shop

Do you remember push button phones? When the only form of communication, outside of face-to-face, was by picking up the phone and calling a friend? When there was no such thing as instant messaging or social media? And the only way to find out about someone’s life was by calling them? StoryPhones is about capturing … Read More

New Faces at Little Fictions

June 24, 2016By BronwynLittle Fictions

You probably didn’t know that you can vacuum your lungs. Well, actors can. Along with lip fluttering, spine rolling and repeating ‘BDGD’ and ‘PTKT’ at an amazing rate of knots without slurring or stumbling. These, and many other vocal tricks and tips were imparted by Holly Myers in the voice and microphone workshop she ran … Read More

Crime Scenes launch

April 14, 2016By BronwynShop, Short crime fiction

Veteran Australian crime writer, Barry Maitland described the Crimes Scenes anthology as ‘ a wonderful new development for Australian crime fiction.’ Barry Maitland, author of the Brock and Kolla and Harry Belltree crime novel series as well as short crime fiction which have been widely published, launched Crime Scenes at the 2016 Newcastle Writers Festival … Read More

Meet the SW interns – Part Three

March 18, 2016By Bronwyninterns

We bring you another instalment in our Where Are They Now series which profiles some of our former interns. We ask them to look back at their internship/work experience with Spineless Wonders and tell us about any highlights and anything they found useful from the experience. We also asked about other internships they have undertaken. … Read More