#storybombing offers a range of multiplatform, immersive experiences created by a team of installation artists, performers, composers, videographers and audio engineers aimed at bringing Spineless Wonders’ stories from the page to the general public in surprising and diverting ways.

#storybombing activities range from ephemeral low-tech forms such as a line of text chalked onto a pavement through to hi-tech applications that enable inanimate objects to generate text, sound and image.

#storybombing can be a one-off performance such as a dazzling night of microlit videos at  Chippendale’s Beams Festival [Image credit: Emily Twomey] through to semi-permanent installations such as StoryPhones in your local cafe.

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Event organisers who wish to discuss #storybombing activities, should contact info@shortaustralianstories.com.au