Do you love chatting with other book nerds? Do you love to hear authors talk about the story behind their stories and their craft? Do you also love hearing stories read to you – especially by professional narrators? If you answered yes to any of these then maybe you should hop on over to the Spineless Wonders Audio Bookclub on Facebook.

Coming Up Next

5 October ‘Moreton Bay Figs’ by Harry Goddard

Tune out of 2020 and tune into the newest episode of Little Fictions on Air to get tangled up with us in the roots of the Moreton Bay Figs.

Written by Harry Goddard and narrated by Mark Dessaix. Join us for a watch party on Facebook for a Q&A with Harry Goddard and Spineless Wonders’ Rose Sammut.

2 September Audio Bookclub

For our next bookclub we will be discussing two audio stories: Caroline Reid’s ‘Silver and the Red Box Waltz’ read by Emma Beech and Tanya Vavilova’s ‘Artichoke Hearts’ read by Aileen Huynh. You can find both audio stories here on the 2RPH website where the Little Fictions On Air episodes are broadcast.
(NB Ep 57 Artichoke Hearts will be available after Monday Aug 24).
We are thrilled to be bringing you both authors via video link up for the Sept 2 bookclub. No need to get out of your pjs though – you can simply watch and participate via the usual Comments section. We’ll provide instructions on how to access the video linkup in a follow up post.
Looking forward to discussing these two fab stories and hearing from our talented authors.

Don’t Miss Out

Not on Facebook but still want some of this action? Chillax, we’ll be posting interviews with authors and lots of other short story stuff on the Spineless Wonders Youtube channel. And if you want a break from the screen and to sit back and be read to, you can find our audio stories on Soundcloud, the Little Fictions On Air podcast on your favourite podcast platform and archived for later listening on the 2RPH website.

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