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Phone It In Competition Shortlist

Litfest2444 LogoWe are stoked about the fabulous, creative entries to the #Litfest2444 Phone It In Competition. Thank you to each and everyone who submitted their stories. Matilda Gould, our Phone It In judge had this to say about the entries:

Congratulations to everyone who entered the 2020 Phone It In competition. The calibre and diversity of entries were exceptional, making listening a pleasure and judging a real challenge. We wish you all the best on your writing journeys and look forward to reading more from you soon!

The winning entry selected by Matilda Gould will be awarded a $200 book voucher.

People’s Choice

Below are the six shortlisted entries to the Litfest#2444 Phone It In competition selected by our judge. Listen to the stories, pick your favourite, and make your selection in the poll further down.

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1) One-Liner, Munira Tabassum Ahmed

2) Noise
, Claudia Alessi


3) Second Wife, Tamzin Ward Kucurs


4) Friends in my Head, Alyssa Potter


5) Only In My Mind, Jocelyn Saunders


6) Can you hear me?, Tess McWilliams


The Poll has now closed. Winners will be announced soon.