The theme for 2020 is IMAGE.

Writing Submissions are now open.

This year, Microflix invites authors to submit microlit texts on the theme of IMAGE for adaptation by filmmakers. The texts submitted will be reviewed by microlit specialist and Spineless Wonders’ editor Associate Professor Cassandra Atherton. Submissions will be accepted until 1 February, 2020 and those selected by Cassandra will be included in the 2020 IMAGE Texts section on the Microflix website.

Exploring the theme of IMAGE

We are looking for short prose writing of any genre which reflects on the theme of IMAGE. You may wish to reflect on image vs reality, on the use, misuse and changing role of image and images over time. Or you may think about the image (and imagery) in terms of the imagination. Whether you turn to doppelgangers, alter egos, clones, dead ringers, avatars, simulacra or chips-off-the-old-blocks… be sure to take a fresh approach. We are looking for writing that will zing off the page and onto the screen.

Microflix Writing Awards

The Microflix Awards offered each year aim to reward and value the roles of both the author and the filmmaker in the adaptation process. For this reason we offer both the Microflix Awards to both authors and filmmakers.

The 2020 Microflix Writers Award, a $500 cash prize, is made possible by a grant by the Copyright Australia Cultural Fund. Prizes for Highly Recommended and Recommended Writers include discounts on writers’ centre memberships and other resources for writers as well as book packages.

Our panel of jurists will select winner of the Microflix Writing Awards from the pool of finalist films screened at the Microflix Festival. All authors whose work is used as the basis of the finalist films will be paid a film royalty, courtesy of Copyright Australia Cultural Fund.

Submissions are called for microliterature for the 2020 Microflix Writing Awards. Submission will be curated on behalf of the Microflix Festival by the Australian publishing house, Spineless Wonders.

Find full terms and conditions on our website.