‘You must speak to [people] in the language their heart speaks.’

– Alison Kroulek

Spineless Wonders is excited to present Australian microlit in translation. We have expanded our offerings and worked with a range of brilliant teachers, students, educators, writers, poets, performers and specialists to produce a range of microlit videos and audio showcasing our microlit in translation. To find out more about our translation projects, click here.

The Shuffle Translation ProjectAMES Australia Logo

Languages other than English used in this project are Mandarin, Vietnamese, Nuer, Afrikaans, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, Telugu and Serbian. We would like to thank Paulette Smythe for her brilliant work in producing the microlit videos in translation. We would also like to thank all the wonderful translators who have worked tirelessly to add new and exciting readings, inflections and interpretations to the microlit from the Shuffle Anthology.  Special thanks to AMES, Australia for supporting this project.

Dog-themed stories – English/Mandarin

To celebrate the 2018 Lunar calendar’s Year of the Dog, Spineless Wonders called for dog-related stories. Six of the dog-themed microlit we received were translated into Mandarin by Beijing-based Jamie Su, recorded for us in English by actor Sam Wang and in Mandarin by the translation service, Nan Hai Culture + Media.

What is Dog?

  1. What Is Dog?
  2. Flying The Dog by Julie Chevalier
  3. Conversations With My Dog by Johanna Ellersdorfer
  4. Dante by Tanya Grassi
  5. Woof by Scott-Patrick Mitchell
  6. Screws by Jon Steiner
  7. What is dog Chinese version
  8. Flying the dog Chinese version
  9. Conversation with my dog Chinese Version
  10. Dante Chinese Version
  11. Woof Chinese Version
  12. Screws Chinese version