Shuffle An anthology of microlit


Cassandra Atherton (Ed)

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Shuffle celebrates the theme of sound: from the streets of Rome at night; the personification of ice cubes; David Bowie; Mad Max; a chainsaw; fish flops and tiny pikelets, to a conversation through a thin wall; silence and sign language. The microlit references sound in a plethora of unexpected ways; putting the short form under pressure to showcase each writer’s unique abstractions.

Contributors include:

Jordie ALBISTON | Emma ASHMERE | Danielle BALDOCK | Kathleen BLEAKLEY | Jude BRIDGE | John CAREY | Bonny CASSIDY | Liz CHALLONER | Julie CHEVALIER | Shady COSGROVE | Moya COSTELLO  |Jen CRAIG | Jan DEAN | Shastra DEO | Luke EVANS | Katherine FRY | Alexandra GENEVE | Angelica HANNAN | Tim HEFFERNAN | Hilary HEWITT | Richard HOLT | Sigley HOOD | Christine HOWE | Jill JONES | Bec KAVANAGH | Andy KISSANE | Jennifer KORNBERGER |Bella LI | David MCCOOEY | Susan MCCREERY | Mark O’FLYNN |Geoff PAGE | Brenda PROUDFOOT | Sandra RENEW | Tess RIDGWAY |Mark ROBERTS | Richenda RUDMAN | Brenda SAUNDERS | Hazel SMITH | Paulette SMYTHE | Anna SPARGO-RYAN | Beth SPENCER |Mya STEWART | Cynthia TROUP |Elizabeth TYSON-DONELEY |Julie U’REN |Karen WHITELAW | Ruth WYER

Songs, symphonies in miniature, fireworks: Shuffle is a collection that enthrals, illuminates, and moves to a magical – and often – cheeky beat.


A collection that is evocative, vivid and, above all, inspiring. This is a fantastic source book for new approaches to form in the realms of both prose poetry and short short fiction. IVY IRELAND

Editor, CASSANDRA ATHERTON is an award-winning writer, academic and critic. She was a Harvard Visiting Scholar in English in 2016 and her most recent books of prose poetry are Pika-Don (Mountains Brown Press, 2017), Prosody: Metre (Recent Work Press, 2018) and Pre-Raphaelite (Garron Publishing, 2018).

Shuffle was produced with the generous support of Deakin University


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