The #storybombing Team is experienced in offering an exciting range of text-based, interactive installations for activating your spaces and for engaging audiences

Since 2016, we have worked with organisers of cultural events, writers’ festivals, local councils and schools to create opportunities for audiences to read, view and listen to short Australian stories curated by Spineless Wonders and to encourage audiences to create and share their own stories.

We can work with you to develop #storybombing ideas around your themed event or we can suggest themes for your audiences to explore.

For instance, in 2018, we worked with the City of Sydney’s Green Square community development coordinator to provide #storybombing activities for a dog fair held to celebrate the Year of the Dog. The dog-related events included live storytelling, StoryPhone audio stories in both English and Mandarin and story prompts to encourage both creative writing and storytelling in a pop-up recording booth.

In 2017, we were invited by Surry Hills Festival to install an interactive pop-up installation which ran for two weeks at The Pottery Shed, Surry Hills. For this installation, we were free to suggest our own them so we provided StoryPhone audio stories, short animated films and storyprompts around the question of What Landmark Is Significant To You?

With over eight years of experience as a short story publishing house, Spineless Wonders has hundreds of stories to share via #storybombing in print, audio or video format on a vast array of themes.We can share, inspire and collect stories which celebrate local communities, diversity and which explore significant social, historical, environmental and cultural issues.

Our #storybombing team consists of experienced editors and curators as well as teachers of creative writing, graphic artists and artistic developers who can work with your organisation to develop and implement exciting #storybombing activities.

To find out more, email info [at] shortaustralianstories[dot]com[dot]au


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