Newcastle Writers Festival April 7-9 2017


  1. Museum by Evelyn Araluen
  2. Breakwall by Dael Allison
  3. The Span by Jodi Vial
  4. The Shape You Make by Marjorie Lewis-Jones
  5. The City Was Growing Inside Her by Harriet McInerney
  6. Shot Tower by Karen Manton
  7. Sanctuary by Shady Cosgrove
  8. Oblong by Richard Holt
  9. Mum's Garden by Lisa Reily
  10. Infinity Loops by Jen Saunders



  1. Barunga Conversation by Tim Heffernan
  2. Dancing With The Machine by Tricia Dearborn
  3. The Turning by Danielle Baldock
  4. Fragment From A Western
  5. Fly In Fly Out by Tess Pearson
  6. Amelie
  7. Arm's Length
  8. After The Storm by Emma Ashmere

Pavement Pages

  1. A Wake by Angela Smith
  2. All That Wasted Air by Jonathon Hawden
  3. Down South by Stu Hatton
  4. Her Dark Ground by Richard Holt
  5. Nudists by Phillip Hammial
  6. Lightning Ridge_Shady Cosgrove_FTS
  7. Liebestod by Jon Steiner
  8. Crones by Elizabeth Hodgson
  9. The Line With The Arms by Monica Goldberg
  10. marriage of convenience by Julie Chevalier
  11. The History Biffos Trinity
  12. Red Feather by Kathleen Bleakley
  13. easy by joanne burns
  14. Manifesto For A Woman Walker by Susan McCreery
  15. A Dish Served by Andrea Gawthorne

Spineless Wonders is thrilled to be storybombing the 2017 Newcastle Writers Festival with microlit in the form of text, audio and videos. Festival-goers as well as the general public of Newcastle will be able to read, view and listen to short short stories from authors from across Australia via StoryPosters, StoryPostcards, spraypainted Pavement Pages, QR codes and our marvellous retro push-button StoryPhones. And for those who love the smell of books, we have stories published in paperback form available from the festival bookstore.

We look forward to seeing you there - but if you can't make it you can have a taster of the audio stories above and follow the fun on your favourite social media platform. Look out for #storybombingnwf17

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