Queer As Fiction


Introduction by Quinn Eades

‘A powerful, important and inspiring collection.’ Monique Schafter, ABC Queer

SW Smalls Series



This is a collection of contemporary stories from the Queer community. It is about love, sex and identity told through diverse stories from buying a double bed, meeting neighbourhood witches and early morning swims. They talk about freedom and misery, victories and injustices. The result is a slew of fascinating tales expressing what being LGBTQIA+ means today.

Introduction by researcher, writer and poet Quinn Eades whose work lies at the nexus of feminist and queer theories of the body, autobiography, and philosophy. Eades is published nationally and internationally, and is the author of all the beginnings: a queer autobiography of the body, and Rallying.

“A love letter to the queer community, composed out of elegance, radiance and charm.” Kiran Bhat, We of the Forsaken World

About The Editors

BRONWYN MEHAN is the founding publisher of Spineless Wonders. Her short fiction has been published in Meanjin, The Age newspaper and Southerly. In 2011 she won the NT Literary Award for Poetry. YGRAINE HELOISE  is a young writer, editor and illustrator living in New South Wales on Gundungurra land. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Creative Arts, majoring in Creative Writing, and in her spare time likes to read, write poetry in the notes app on her phone, and talk to her many plants. She is also writing and illustrating her own short poetry zine.

Published as part of the Spineless Wonders 10th anniversary SW Smalls Series.

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Publication Date:

1 October 2021




H 152 mm x W102 mm