The World To Come


Edited by Patrick West and Om Prakash Dwivedi

The World to Come showcases an incredibly diverse exploration of the themes of Science Fiction: future sex, alternate history, racism, procreation and energy.’ Kaaron Warren



In 1738, English preacher, Isaac Watts wrote ‘The world to come’, a Christian tract about departed souls, death, and the glory or terror of the resurrection. Almost 300 years later the world to come still fascinates readers. It’s not only climate change, it’s the climate of everything: from technological ‘advances’ that threaten to create an immortal humanity; to an endless ‘war on terror,’ which means that, though we may never know war, nor will we ever truly know peace; to a thousand visions of post-Apocalyptic life in the media. The world to come is everywhere; it is with us now… In this anthology, twenty-one writers respond to the world to come – the one just around the corner, the hereafter and the everywhen.

‘A veritable smorgasbord of sci-fi and speculative fiction by hand-picked writers from across the globe out to amaze, shock and stir readers with a palate for the unexpected and disconcerting. These stories are compelling works of creative genius.’ DIVYA DUBEY, Earthen Lamp Journal


Produced in collaboration with Deakin University



The World To Come is a truly international publication, edited by Om Dwivedi (India) and Patrick West (Australia), and featuring talented new voices as well as established authors from around the globe. Contributions by:

Ben Brooker | Bwesigye bwa Mwesigire |Craig Cormick |Jeannette Delamoir | Sébastien Doubinsky |John Fulton |Lucy Greenwood | Abir Hamdar |Tabish Khair |Crisetta MacLeod |Eunice Ngongkum |Tim Richards |Emily Riches| Leone Ross |John G. Shulman |Dirk Strasser |Leah Swann |Bronwyne Thomason | Tham Chui-Joe | Marcus Waters | Jeanette Zissell

Launched at the 2014 Melbourne Writers Festival by Australian journalist, Jeff McMullen.

Cover image and design by Nicky Boo Watson

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August 2014