Announcing the winners!

Co-hosts of the joanne burns Microlit Award, Newcastle Writers Festival and Spineless Wonders are pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 award.

Winner of the National category is Tess Pearson for ‘Traces’.
Winner of the Hunter category is Luke Evans for ‘You Can’t Go Home Again’.

Tess and Luke will be awarded their respective prize money at the Newcastle Writers Festival on Saturday April 7 following the panel on microlit hosted by Cassandra Atherton and prior to the launch of the Time anthology by Ed Wright. For details see the Newcastle Writers Festival program.

Announcing the finalists!

We are pleased to announce the following finalists in The 2017 Newcastle Writers Festival joanne burns Microlit Award as selected by judge, Cassandra Atherton.  Winners of the National and Hunter categories of the award will be announced at the program launch of the Newcastle Writers Festival on Feb 23, 2018. All finalists will be published, alongside invited contributors, in the forthcoming microlit anthology, Time, which will be launched at the 2018 Newcastle Writers Festival.

Finalists in  Z-A alpha order:

Sharon Willdin, ‘Reverie’
Banjo Weatherald, ‘Valencia’
Kim Waters, ‘Over Time’
Deborah Van Heekeren, ‘Time of Death’
Julie U’Ren, ‘Detained’
Dorothy Simmons, ‘In the air’
Andrew Roff, ‘The Lost Hour’
Arna Radovich, ‘Here We Are’
Tess Pearson, ‘Traces’
Mark O’Flynn, ‘Traces of Nuts’
Venita Munir, ‘Time to Leave’
Marjorie Lewis-Jones, ‘Salamanca Spyhole’
Debra Le Nepveu, ‘End of Days’
Raelee Lancaster, ‘Wha’d I tell ya?’
Jennifer Kornberger, ‘No clock in the cabin at Moore River’
Shari Kocher, ‘Meditation on Time After the Death of My Father’
Nimity James, ‘Anniversary’
Dominique Hecq, ‘Four Thousand Winks’
Maree Gallop, ‘Home Sewn’
Luke Fussell, ‘Roo Shooter’
Yvonne Fein, ‘Time Lies’
Luke Evans, ‘You Can’t Go Home Again’
Johanna Ellersdorfer, ‘Texting Through Time Zones’
Quinn Eades, ‘What Grows’
Catherine Deery, ‘Fish Casserole’
Christine Burrows, ‘Aluminium Sky’
Brianna Bullen, ‘Nostalgic leisure experience’
Kathleen Bleakley, ‘Loaded Fries’
Amanda Berry, ‘In the Scheme of Things’
Emma Ashmere, ‘The Historic Present’







For more info about The Newcastle Writers Festival, click here.

Theme: TIME

Length: 200 words max

First prize in each category: $300

Closing date: 31 August, 2017


Entry fee: $10 per entry for national category. Free for Hunter Region category.

For competition guidelines and entry form for the national category click here.

For competition guidelines and entry form for the Hunter Region category, click here.

The Newcastle Writers Festival and publisher Spineless Wonders are excited to announce the launch of the 2017 joanne burns Microlit Award. Melbourne writer and academic Cassandra Atherton will judge the competition entries, which are invited from writers across Australia as well as from Australians living overseas. The theme of this year’s competition is ‘time’ and the maximum length of entries is 200 words. The competition deadline is 31 August, 2017.

This award for microfiction and prose poems honours the work of experimental Australian poet joanne burns, who was the recipient of the prestigious NSW Premier’s Kenneth Slessor Award for Poetry in 2016.

What we are looking for

We are looking for writing that responds imaginatively to the theme of ‘time’. Your take on time may be philosophical or flippant, sage or satirical, cross-cultural or curmudgeonly. You might riff on the many everyday time-based aphorisms – just in time, no time to lose, tempus fugit – or you might take a longer view of time, reflecting on the Anthropocene epoch or time immemorial.

Microlit includes any form of short writing such as flash fiction, prose poem, dramatic monologue, etc. Please note that we do not accept poems with line breaks for this competition.

The maximum word length is 200 and we particularly encourage entries under 100 words in length for installations that suit shorter texts. NB Titles are not counted in the total word length.

Entrants may include up to three entries per submission.

Award categories

There are both national and Hunter Region categories in the NWF/joanne burns Microlit Award. The national category is open to any person residing in Australia and to Australian citizens living anywhere. An entry fee of $10 applies to this category. The Hunter Region category is open to Hunter residents and is free to enter. Both categories will be judged by Cassandra Atherton.

Winners of each category will receive a cash prize of $300 and entries by all finalists will be considered for publication in an anthology, alongside invited writers. Selected entries will be included in Spineless Wonders’ multi-platform storytelling activities, such as the #storybombingNWF18 project, featuring videos and installations at the 2018 Newcastle Writers Festival.

Award Judge

Cassandra Atherton is an award-winning writer, critic and academic. She is currently a Harvard Visiting Scholar in English. Her most recent books of prose poetry are Trace (Finlay Lloyd, 2015) and Exhumed (Grand Parade, 2015).

For more details and competition guidelines:

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