Coffee Pod|cast Ep 29 All That Shudder

June 24, 2019By Bronwyn_MehanEpisodes, NEWS & EVENTS

How the seemingly insignificant landmarks can spark powerful memories. In this episode, our caffeine-feulled literary podsters discuss Jill Jones’ microlit, ‘All That Shudder’ narrated by Anni Finsterer. Is the dawn non-binary? Join the discussion on the Coffee Pod|cast Facebook page. ‘All That Shudder’ by Jill Jones is published by Spineless Wonders in the microlit anthology, … Read More

Coffee Pod|cast Episode 28 Time of Death

June 10, 2019By Bronwyn_MehanEpisodes, NEWS & EVENTS

In this episode, Ali and Emma discuss Deborah Van Heerkeren’s ‘Time of Death’ narrated by Eleni Schumacher. Join the discussion about this poignant microfiction on the Coffee Pod|cast Facebook page. ‘Time Of Death’ is published in the Time anthology edited by Cassandra Atherton. About the Author Deborah Van Heekeren was born in Sydney and moved … Read More

Coffee Pod|cast Episode 27 Breakdown

May 27, 2019By Bronwyn_MehanEpisodes, NEWS & EVENTS

There’s more on the blink than a car engine beneath the scorching outback Australian sun in Susan McCreery’s ‘Breakdown’. Ali and Emma share a coffee break while listening to actor Mark Dessiax reading ‘Breakdown’ and follow up with a wide-ranging discussion which looks at the many layers of this short short fiction. Join the conversation … Read More

Dis/morphia: Tell Tale Bodies

May 16, 2019By Bronwyn_MehanLittle Fictions, NEWS & EVENTS

The City of Sydney’s Late Night Lawn Library presents a Little Fictions’ one hour show at the Tramsheds, Forest Lodge, Thursday 13 June, 7.30-8.30pm. In this night of stories performed by actors, Little Fictions Productions brings you ‘Whipped Cream’ by Tanya Vavilova set in a dystopic Sydney where currency is in bodies and sex – … Read More

Coffee Pod|cast Episode 26: Average Morning

May 13, 2019By Bronwyn_MehanEpisodes, NEWS & EVENTS, Podcast, Shop

Ever found yourself dregging on a bus on the way to work, fantasising about fries and pondering the metaphysics of seat allocation? Is there a word for mirroring manspreading behaviour? Is dregging even a thing? Find out the answers to these and other off-beat questions mulled over by Ali and Emma as they listen to … Read More

Coffee Pod|cast Episode 25 Movements

May 2, 2019By Bronwyn_MehanEpisodes, NEWS & EVENTS, Podcast

Finding the sublime in the suburbs, this performance piece from Papua New Guinean-Australian writer, Alana Hicks has our two hosts in awe. Ali and Emma chat about the pastiche of images Hicks writes about in ‘Movements’ and they wonder whether you think it ends on a pessimistic note or not. Join the discussion on the … Read More

Storification @ SWF19 Tues Apr 30

April 15, 2019By Bronwyn_MehanEVENTS, FEATURED POST, NEWS & EVENTS, Shop

Little Fictions returns to Sydney Writers Festival to present performed fiction about the elusive, seductive and life-changing power of the written word.  Includes microfiction and short stories set to original music.  Join our MC, ABC TV’s Monique Schafter and actors Eleni Schumacher, Felix Johnson and Ella Watson-Russell on stage at Knox Street Bar, one of … Read More

Coffee Pod|cast Ep 24 The Meteorologist’s Daughter

April 15, 2019By Bronwyn_MehanEpisodes, NEWS, NEWS & EVENTS

She frets about droughts and flooding rains, about pressure system’s and cold fronts – it’s in her genes, it seems. Take a listen to Mark Smith’s ‘The Meteorologist’s Daughter’ and find out what our podcast hosts, Ali and Emma have to say about this emotionally-charged piece of microlit. ‘The Meteorologist’s Daughter’ is published in the … Read More

Coffee Pod|cast Episode 23 Ice Cube

April 1, 2019By Bronwyn_MehanEpisodes, NEWS, NEWS & EVENTS

Ever wished you could be put on ice? In this episode, Ali and Emma discuss Sigley Hood’s surreal microlit, ‘Ice Cube’ in which a woman finds herself literally frozen out by her family. Or is it she who is giving her husband and kids the cold shoulder? Listen to Eleni Schumacher’s narration and decide for … Read More

Coffee Pod|cast Episode 22 When B Moved In

March 18, 2019By Bronwyn_MehanEpisodes, NEWS, NEWS & EVENTS

It’s common to build a picture in our minds about new neighbours based on the sounds that come through the walls – but what if this eavesdropping becomes the stuff of vivid sexual fantasy? In this episode, Ali and Emma discuss a variety of reactions to noisy neighbours when they listen to Paulette Smythe’s ‘When … Read More