In this episode, your host Ella Watson-Russell brings you stories of births, deaths and marriages. The stories featured in this show are published by Spineless Wonders and are narrated by actors Felix Johnson, Joel Horwood and Eleni Schumacher. The stories include Matthew Bulman’s ‘The Incredible Exploding Baby’, Jon Steiner’s ‘Rights of Man’, Melissa Beit’s ‘A Hospital Birth’, Susan McCreery’s ‘Mexican Stand-off’ and Julie Chevalier’s ‘The Youngest Lecturer’s Wife’.

  • Little Fictions is produced by Spineless Wonders’ publisher, Bronwyn Mehan.
  • The show’s theme song is ‘Attune’ written and performed by Annie Vidler.
  •  Sound design is by Lachlan Perry

Warning: this episode contains strong language.


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