Slinkies 2021 anthology


Edited by Emma Wortley, Elizabeth Mora & Deniz Agraz


A man discovers his work shirt is becoming fused to his body. Family life as told from the neighbourhood cat’s point of view. Toxic soil invades a young family’s life. A post-pandemic frontier landscape is rocked by violence. An exploration of nascent queerness and non-belonging.

This is a diverse collection of contemporary stories from exciting new writers under 30 years of age.

The anthology includes works by Sydney-based academic and essayist, Amanda Jayne, Adelaide-based poet and fiction writer, Bethany Cody, West Australian author and artist, Lydia Trethewey, Copenhagen-based West Australian writer, Morgan Riley and Curtin University creative writing student, Vasco Pimentel.

About The Editors

EMMA WORTLEY has a background in academia and has published papers on children’s and young adult literature (the subject of her PhD thesis) in various journals. ELIZABETH MORA is editor of Drylight, the University of Sydney Education and Social Work Society Journal. DENIZ AGRAZ is an educator, content manager and writer. Elizabeth and Deniz were both selected in 2019 for Citizen Writes, a creative writing program developed by Carnival of the Bold and Diversity Arts Australia.

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Publication Date:

1 October 2021




H 152 mm x W102 mm