In the past year we’ve had 11,000 visitors to our blog. We’ve posted interviews with 45 top writers of short Australian stories as well as discussions, reviews and essays on what’s new and what matters in the short fiction scene. So, why not join us …

Spineless Wonders is looking for contributors to The Column.

What have you noticed about the themes preoccupying Australian short fiction writers today? Do you notice any trends (or radical departures) in the style or form of recent short story collections?

Do you have anything to say about the status of the short story here in Australia in comparison to other countries? Do we need a short story festival or a national body such as we have for Australian poetry? Do we need more awards to celebrate anthologies and collections? Why are our short fiction writers so under-represented in international competitions?

Last year we ran a feature on opening lines where three guest writers each chose a story with an arresting first sentence and told us why it stood out. You are welcome to send us your choice of openers. Or perhaps you’d like to write about stunning final lines. Send us your choice of final sentence, details of the story it is from (title, author, where it is published) and a brief comment.

Whether you are a student, an emerging, experienced or established writer or an avid reader – all contributions, large or small, are welcome. Write to

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