We all need a dream. It’s one of the things that distinguishes us from pebbles. This week, Angela the Spineless Wonders Intern shares here blue-sky wishlist about talents she wishes she possessed. Talent number one is…

  1. Archery

There is such a simple pleasure to be derived from launching a projective into the air with precision and watching it fly. I do enjoy driving (golf) – I like smashing a stick into a little ball with all the strength that I possess and making it fly into the sky. But watching a projectile pierce a target some distance away? That makes my caveman-monkey brain very happy. The thing is that I’m not very good at archery (or golf) for that matter. I had very bad hand eye coordination and I’m often very lucky to even make contact with the golf ball. Don’t even get me started on hitting the board of the target with an arrow, let alone one of the circles!

  1. Puns

I’m fluent in two languages but I’m still rubbish at puns. I heard a classmate recently claim that puns were for the sole amusement of the joke teller and at the expense of anyone who heard it. I’d have to agree. Occasionally there are puns that make me cringe from how lame they are, but most of the time it’s because I’m berating myself for not having thought of the pun first! I love dad jokes. I love silly puns that you can find in advertising. I like the moment between confusion and clarity, where thoughts and words fall into place and suddenly I exclaim, “Ohhhhh… oh, that’s clever.” Unfortunately for me, I doubt I will ever master puns. I’m a classic overthinker and that doesn’t bode well for a craft that relies on brevity.

  1. First aid and CPR

As in, I was never trained how to administer first aid and CPR, but I’d very much like to be. It’s one of those life skills that all people should know. I know some things about it, much of it learned from TV shows, movies and YouTube – the fantastic Stayin’ Alive scene from The Office comes to mind. I suppose it’s not enough to actually save someone’s life but it’s surely better than nothing. This is a skill that is definitely on the to-do list!

  1. Telekinesis

I’m not joking with this point – I do wish that I was good at telekinesis. Or that I could even be bad a telekinesis. I want telekinesis.

  1. Drinking water

Ah, am I to make a camel analogy or koala analogy? I suppose a koala analogy is more apt; I really don’t drink a lot of water. I’ve been worried for my kidneys since I learned what kidney stones were when I was 16. I struggle to drink even 6 glasses a day. I must get most of my daily intake of water from my food? Not sure how that’s possible seeing as my diet mostly consists of cheese and breads (seriously, no wonder my body hates me). Water doesn’t interest me. I’ve heard people say that water is sooo refreshing and it’s their faaaavourite drink. Well, alright then. My favourite drink is a mango green tea frappe with cheese foam. It’s delicious and refreshing and waaay too unhealthy for me to drink 8 glasses of everyday.

Post photo credit: https://unsplash.com/photos/RLw-UC03Gwc


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