Q & A with Jen Craig

March 2, 2015By Bronwyn Mehaninterviews, Shop

Jen Craig Jen Craig’s novella, Panthers and the Musuem of Fire was recently given a five star review and named Book of the Month by Australia’s premier book industry magazine, Bookseller + Publisher. In her review, Angie Andrewes described Jen’s book as ‘an experimental novella but surprisingly easy to read, and brilliant for the very … Read More

5 reasons to bookclub with SW

February 2, 2015By Bronwyn Mehanfeature article, Shop

Our online bookclub has been operating now for two years and in case you haven’t caught on to what it is about, here’s five great reasons to put your $15 down and get on board. 1. BATS & PANTHERS No, not free animal crackers. The first two sessions will showcase our March releases, Patrick Lenton’s … Read More

Bronwyne Thomason: The World To Come

November 24, 2014By Bronwyn Mehaninterviews, Shop, The World To Come

Bronwyne Thomason  Our latest anthology, The World To Come, features short speculative fiction by nineteen writers from here and overseas. In this series of interviews we ask contributors about the story published in The World To Come, about their views on the speculative fiction genre, who and what influences their writing and for some inspirational … Read More

Anna Trembath: Earworms

November 18, 2014By Bronwyn MehanAudio, Earworms audio, interviews, Shop

We interview Earworms audio story author, Anna Trembath, who has written and narrated, ‘The Wild’, a story set in Timor-Leste. Listen to an excerpt of ‘The Wild’ below. 1. Who are the short fiction authors you admire (Australian or otherwise, alive or dead)? There are, of course, many! Some of my most favourite collections are … Read More

Mark Smith: Flashing the Square

November 3, 2014By Bronwyn MehanFlashing the Square, interviews, Shop

MARK SMITH won the 2013 joanne burns Award with his microfiction, ‘10.42 from Sydenham’ and this year his piece, ‘The Meteorologist’s Daughter’ was runner up. We caught up with him recently to ask him about his microfiction and what inspires him to write. 1. What inspired you to write the prose poem/microfiction which is published … Read More

Madelaine Baud: Flashing the Square

August 31, 2014By Bronwyn MehanShop

1. What inspired you to write the prose poem/microfiction which will appear in Flashing the Square? I was looking in the mirror and I saw a scar that I almost forgot I had. The family dog, Fritz, bit me when I was a kid (right on the face, thanks Fritz). Seeing the scar, I didn’t … Read More