In this episode, ‘It’s A Jungle Out There’, four authors contemplate the lives of animals. What is it like living in a dog-eat-dog world? Has human habitation spelt the death of some species? And what happens when we encroach on their world? Join presenter, Ella Watson-Russell for 30 minutes of great listening.

Stories featured in this episode include ‘Taken’ by Melbourne writer Michelle Wright which is published in Spineless Wonder’s microlit anthology, Flashing The Square. It is narrated by Alex Williams and was recorded live at Knox St Bar, Sydney. In ‘The Last Hare’, Wollongong poet Irene Wilkie turns to her own backyard to contemplate the idea of being out of place. It was recorded at Knox St Bar is narrated by Ella Watson-Russell. In ‘Seagull’, Melbourne author Katelin Farnsworth writes from the point of view of an iconic bird. It is performed  by Melbourne voice artist, Mileta Rien. The final story is ‘Bound’ and it comes from a collection of stories by Kate Liston-Mills called The Waterfowl Are Drunk! Kate is a writer who lives, loves and writes about her hometown of Pambula on the southern NSW coast. This episode includes an interview with Kate Liston-Mills.

Little Fictions On Air is brought to you by Sydney short story publisher, SPINELESS WONDERS. This episode was originally broadcast on Radio 2RPH at 3pm on Monday, 24 September, 2018. It is produced by Bronwyn Mehan and our sound engineer is Kit McCutcheon. Our theme song, ‘Attune’ is written and performed by Annie Vidler.