Coffee Pod|cast Ep 38 Timeless Crones

October 28, 2019By Bronwyn_MehanEpisodes, NEWS & EVENTS, Podcast, The joanne burns Award, Writing To The Edge

Older women drinking sherry and behaving badly at funerals, weddings, parties, anything. In this episode, Ali and Emma discuss Elizabeth Hodgins’ ‘Timeless Crones’ narrated by Ella Watson-Russell. They ask if you have any thoughts on some of the common tropes used to portray older women in mythology through to popular culture. Join the discussion on … Read More

Coffee Pod|cast Ep 37 Particles In My Body

October 14, 2019By Bronwyn_MehanEpisodes, NEWS & EVENTS, Shop

A surrealist microstory which is either a horror story about animal cruelty, the nightmarish abuse of a stuffed toy or just a typical breakfast in a long-term relationship. You be the judge of Lou Swinn’s ‘Particles In My Body’ narrated by Eleni Schumacher. Let Ali and Emma know what you think, drop by the Coffee … Read More

Coffee Pod|cast Ep 36 Over Time

September 30, 2019By Bronwyn_MehanEpisodes, NEWS & EVENTS, Podcast, Shop

Is he over his time here? Is he stuck in time? What happened in the life of this avid cyclist? What happened to the light? And why did Ali’s feet suddenly start growing? In this episode of Coffee Pod|cast, Ali and Emma have a go at joining the dots in this short but deep microlit … Read More

Coffee Pod|cast Episode 35 PenisScreen

September 17, 2019By Bronwyn_MehanEpisodes, NEWS & EVENTS, Podcast

Sydney author, Julie Chevalier gender flips the breast screening scenario in this microlit narrated by Lauren Hamilton Neill. Ali and Emma chat about ‘PenisScreen’ mulling over the question of whether reversals of this kind help to educate as well as entertain. Join the conversation on the Coffee Pod|cast Facebook page ‘PenisScreen’ was first performed as … Read More

Little Fictions Callout: Year of the Rat

September 10, 2019By Bronwyn_MehanEVENTS, NEWS & EVENTS

Did you know that rats smile with their ears? Or, that they enjoy being tickled? Whilst in Western culture rats are viewed as pets or pests, in Chinese culture being a Rat suggests you might be clever, a quick thinker and successful. Love them or hate them, we’re looking for texts about rats. Whether it’s … Read More

2019 Carmel Bird Digital Literary Award winners announced

September 9, 2019By Bronwyn_MehanShop, The Carmel Bird Digital Literary Award, THE COLUMN

Spineless Wonders is very pleased to announce that Tanya Vavilova has won the 2019 Carmel Bird Digital Literary Award for her short-story collection Grub. Congratulations also to our two finalists in this year’s award: Megan McGrath for her short story collection All Hands and James Hughes for his short story collection Understanding Almost Nothing of the World.

Coffee Pod|cast Episode 34 Rescued

September 2, 2019By Bronwyn_MehanEpisodes, microlit, NEWS & EVENTS, Podcast

A dark, psychological thriller or a poignant story of loss and resignation? Ali and Emma discuss ‘Rescued’ by Richard Holt read by Pam Nemeny. ‘Rescued’ is published in What You Might Find, a collection of short stories and microfiction by Richard Holt. About the Author RICHARD HOLT is a writer and artist from Melbourne. He … Read More