Empty Rooms

Sue Goldstiver

In ‘Empty Rooms’, Sue Goldstiver delivers an edgy narrative that maintains a tension that both unsettles and intrigues whilst keeping you guessing all the way to its eventual conclusion.



Holly shares an apartment with Lisa and her boyfriend, Rod. When Lisa disappears without a trace, Holly looks for respite from the ordeal by taking a live-in caretaker’s position in a seaside hotel whilst it undergoes renovation. The building is empty and Holly is completely alone except for the workmen and one other – a mysterious resident with apparent sinister undertones. What happens when the weight of circumstances and events leave feelings of vulnerability and uncertainty? Can we trust our senses, our reasoning, or does fear feed our imagination?

About The Author:

Sue Goldstiver recently completed a Master’s program in Arts and Media at Griffith University in Queensland. Her dissertation explored the use of Gothic tropes in Australian literary works, indulging a long-term fascination with a genre that peeks behind the façade.

Interview with author here.


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