Flatrock, 1979

Lukas Jackson

It should have been a relaxing trip to the beach for a young man who had everything to live for.



Mark has just handed in his final university psychology essay and is looking forward to a weekend away with his girlfriend. As he drives, his mind starts to wander, to the lyrics of a love song he is composing, to how everything seems to be going well with his life and also unsettlingly, his mind wanders to his psychology research – particularly the conflicting views on determinism and freedom.

These opposing views come to a head when Mark runs into his old school friend Roddy and the mysterious Nicu. You will not be prepared for what happens next.

About The Author:

Lukas Jackson is a Sydney-based author. His poems, short stories and non-fiction have appeared previously in small journals and anthologies in Australia and overseas. Lukas works as a freelance consultant and writer and is currently on a bit of a Tolstoy binge.

Interview with the author, here.


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