An anthology of prose poems and microfiction


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This year’s anthology of Australian microliterature from Spineless Wonders explores the theme of scars—how they mark us, how they mark the world around us, and the intriguing stories that they tell. From healing the scarred remains of an abandoned mine, to a kidney making peace in its final moments, to a concussion that sparks a supernova, each little story has a little something for everyone.

Edited by Cassandra Atherton with a Preface by Gabrielle Fletcher, the anthology includes pieces by commissioned Indigenous and non-Indigenous writers as well as finalists in the 2019 joanne Burns Microlit Award. Featured authors Raelee Lancaster, Paul Collis, Brenda Saunders, Steve Kinnane, Sam Wagan Watson, Benjamin Laird, Judith Crispin, Jessica Wilkinson and Shady Cosgrove. 

CASSANDRA ATHERTON is an award-winning writer, academic and critic. She was a Harvard Visiting Scholar in English in 2016 and her most recent books of prose poetry are Pika-Don (Mountains Brown Press, 2017), Prosody: Metre (Recent Work Press, 2018) and Pre-Raphaelite (Garron Publishing, 2018).

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