Slinkies 2023


Emerging Writers Under 30

Edited by Emma Wortley

Do Millennials deal with relationship break-ups any differently to the deities from Greek mythology? What would the natural world actually say if it were given a voice? Can grief really drive us crazy?

Paperback, 110 pages, $22.99 + postage


Welcome to this diverse collection of contemporary stories from exciting new writers under 30 years of age. These stories play with genre, form and reader expectations, riffing on classic texts and popular culture to bring fresh insights into universal experiences.

Contributors include Leo Alder, Alex Chan, Stephanie Downing, Alexandra Stephens, Jack Webster.


26 October online book party. In case you missed it…

About The Editor

EMMA WORTLEY has a background in academia and has published papers on children’s and young adult literature (the subject of her PhD thesis) in various journals. Her reviews, stories and poetry have appeared in VoiceworksSoutherlyGoing Down SwingingPaper Crown Magazine, textLitmag, Scintilla Magazine, Scum Mag and an episode of the Story Club podcast.


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H 152 mm x W102 mm

Publication Date:

1 December 2023

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