Little Fictions On Air Ep 2 Conflict Zones

July 17, 2018By Bronwyn_MehanEpisodes, Shop

In this episode, Ella Watson-Russell presents four stories each with very different perspectives on the topic of war and violence. Actor Nicholas Starte performs Harry Kolotas’ ‘Wrath of Achilles’, Tim McGarry’s narration of Charles D’Anastasi’s ‘Broken House’ includes sound design by composer Thomas Ross, Ella narrates Amanda Berry’s ‘We That Are Left’ and Alex Williams … Read More

Out of Place: Charles D’Anastasi

September 16, 2015By Bronwyn MehanOut_of_Place, Shop

Out of Place contributor, Charles D’Anastasi, talks about ‘Broken House’, closing lines and inspiring reads. Read his piece and other great microliterature in Out of Place. What inspired you to write the piece of microliterature which will appear in Out of Place? How would you describe this form of writing? I remember reading a newspaper … Read More