Did you know that the Basque language has 100 words for pitxilota – Sorry, for butterfly? Well, my little pinpilinpauxas, now that you have been enlightened of the existence of such a beautiful thing, it is time you used your enlightened minds to share with us 100 words of your own! How? Why, by entering our writing competition, of course.

We’re looking for 100 of your best words, preferably in an order that makes sense. You can submit flashfics, microlit, postcard fics, poems, songs, whatever you can dream up in 100 words in response to 4 categories. Enter as many times as you like. However, they must also include a reference to food or drink!


  • Pilgrimage
  • Fork in the road
  • Blast from the Past
  • Confession

What: 100 words, must include a mention of food or drink

Who: Anyone and everyone

When: Submissions close Sept 3, 2021

How: Submit your entries via Submittable

Why: Winners of each category receive a free copy of Sophie Masson’s new audio novel, A Hundred Words for Butterfly. Winners and runners up will also have their work published in our special online magazine and be invited to perform their work as part of the online launch event for Sophie’s new audio novel on Wednesday September 15.