In this episode, Ali and Emma discuss Angela Myer’s ‘To And From Your House’ read by Eleni Schumacher. It’s the morning after the night before and zombies are riding the Melbourne tram – or have our podcasters lost the plot? Join the discussion on Facebook.

About the author

Angela Meyer’s writing has been widely published, including in Best Australian StoriesIslandThe Big IssueThe AustralianThe Lifted Brow and Killings. She has previously published a book of flash fiction, Captives (Inkerman & Blunt). She has worked in bookstores, as a book reviewer, in a whisky bar and is currently a publisher with Echo Publishing. She grew up in Northern NSW and lives in Melbourne. @literaryminded /

‘To And From Your House’ is published in Flashing The Square.


Presenters: Ali Morris and Emma Walsh
Producer: Bronwyn Mehan
Theme music: James Seymour

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