In this episode we feature stories from the inner west Sydney suburbs connected by Parramatta Road. Harriet McInerney’s microfiction, ‘Average Morning’ takes us on a bus trip down Parramatta Road. It is performed by Little Fictions’ regular, Joel Horwood. ‘Parramatta Road’ by Tess Ridgway takes us along this same stretch of road but this time at night and on a bicycle. It is performed by actor Claire Oehme. Sydney author, Jill O’Maera takes us behind one of the shopfronts along Parramatta Road in ‘Trixie Depraved Does Leichhardt’. It is performed by Eleni Schumacher. ‘Wedding Dress’ by Canberra author, Sarah St Vincent Welch is written from the point of view of a very recognisable feature of shops which line the Leichhardt stretch of Parramatta Road. It is performed by Joel Horwood. ‘In Search of the Machine’ has Sydney author, Jen Craig searching for a coffee machine in contemporary Leichhardt. Performed by Eleni Schumacher, the story vividly evokes life in Leichhardt in the 70s.

Warning: this episode does contain some colourful language.

  • Presenter: Ella Watson-Russell
  • Audio technician: Oliver Agbisit
  • Producer: Bronwyn Mehan

Original Broadcast on 2RPH: 5.11.2018

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