Zorba The Buddha


Katerina Cosgrove

‘Ambitious and richly imagined.’ Angelo Loukakis

SW Smalls Series


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The year is 1986, Guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh has been exiled from the United States after the highly scandalous failure of his Oregon ashram, Rajneeshpuram. Told from four different perspectives and through various time jumps, Zorba the Buddha documents how this movement fell apart from the inside out. Each character’s experience sheds light on the attractive qualities of the movement’s Master, as well as their individual struggles to follow his commands and align their faith with his teachings. A truly compelling read, Katerina Cosgrove’s novella and reflective essay give insight into the true events that began in Oregon and ended in Crete.

Runner up in the 2020 Carmel Bird Digital Literary Award.

‘Lyrical, intricate, sensory.’Anna Spargo-Ryan

‘An astonishing storyteller.’ Joanne Fedler

Katerina Cosgrove is the author of The Glass Heart, Bone Ash Sky and Intimate Distance, which won the Griffith Review Novella Prize. She has written for local and overseas publications such as Al-Jazeera, SBS Voices, Island, Daily Life, The Big Issue and has co-judged the Nib Award for Literature from 2014.

Published as part of the Spineless Wonders 10th anniversary SW Smalls Series.

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Publication Date:

1 October 2021




H 152 mm x W102 mm