Microlit on StoryPhones

October 6, 2016By Bronwyn Mehanfeature article, microlit, Shop

We are excited to be launching the Spineless Wonders StoryPhones. The first set of twelve audio stories to be featured on the StoryPhones are microlit – all under two minutes long. The subject matter ranges from shark attacks to shipwrecks and they are recorded by actors as well as  authors. In this article, intern, Jordan … Read More

Introducing StoryPhones

October 5, 2016By Bronwyn Mehanfeature article, microlit, Shop

Do you remember push button phones? When the only form of communication, outside of face-to-face, was by picking up the phone and calling a friend? When there was no such thing as instant messaging or social media? And the only way to find out about someone’s life was by calling them? StoryPhones is about capturing … Read More