Coffee Pod|cast Episode 34 Rescued

September 2, 2019By Bronwyn_MehanEpisodes, microlit, Podcast

A dark, psychological thriller or a poignant story of loss and resignation? Ali and Emma discuss ‘Rescued’ by Richard Holt read by Pam Nemeny. ‘Rescued’ is published in What You Might Find, a collection of short stories and microfiction by Richard Holt. About the Author RICHARD HOLT is a writer and artist from Melbourne. He … Read More

Coffee Pod|cast Ep 33 Proposal

August 12, 2019By Bronwyn_MehanEpisodes, microlit, NEWS & EVENTS (Homepage), Podcast

When the personal is political. Ali and Emma discuss the impact of the marriage equality legislation on a lesbian couple in Jenni Nixon’s ‘Proposal’ performed by Lauren Hamilton Neill. ‘Proposal’ is published in Flashing The Square an anthology of microfiction and prose poems. About The Author JENNI NIXON is a widely published poet: café boogie … Read More

Shuffle authors respond to composers Pt 1

April 2, 2019By Bronwyn_Mehanmicrolit, THE COLUMN

We invited authors to reflect on the soundscapes created by Sonant Bodies & friends for their microlit from the Shuffle anthology. In this post, you will read the responses of Jordie Albiston, Richard Holt, Paulette Smythe, Jen Craig and Christine Howe. We are also hosting an indepth discussion on microlit text and sound with Shuffle … Read More

Meet our Shuffle composers

March 27, 2019By Bronwyn_Mehaninterviews, microlit, Shop, THE COLUMN

We are excited to be working with Sonant Bodies who commissioned five amazing composers to create soundscapes for ten pieces of microlit from the Shuffle anthology. Matilda Gould caught up with the composers to ask them about the pieces they chose to work with and how they approached the task of creating soundscapes. You can … Read More

Coffee Pod|cast Episode 21 Aftermath

March 4, 2019By Bronwyn_MehanEpisodes, microlit, NEWS & EVENTS (Homepage), Podcast

What impact does a simple act of compassion have on someone suffering post-traumatic stress? In this episode, Ali and Emma discuss Shady Cosgrove’s moving microfiction, ‘Aftermath’ published in the microlit anthology, Shuffle and narrated by Alex Neal. Our presenters have differing interpretations of what it is that the character Jimmy has been through and dive … Read More

Winners of the NWF/joanne burns Microlit Awards

February 22, 2019By Bronwyn_Mehanmicrolit, NEWS & EVENTS (Homepage), Shop

We have great pleasure in announcing the names of the winning entries of the National and Hunter categories of the NWF/joanne burns Microlit Award.The National winner is Sydney-based Waradjuri writer, BRENDA SAUNDERS for her piece called ‘Birding’. Here’s what Cassandra Atherton, the award judge said about it:Brenda Saunders’ ‘Birding’ is a brilliantly surreal narrative about … Read More

Coffee Pod|cast Ep 19 Four Thousand Winks

December 24, 2018By Bronwyn_MehanEpisodes, microlit, NEWS & EVENTS (Homepage), Podcast

Season 1 of Coffee Pod|cast ends with Ali and Emma switching to espresso tequilas to discuss Dominique Hecq’s ‘Four Thousand Winks’ narrated by Whitney Richards. The discussion ranges from Dr Who to pregnancy sex and we ask do you remember your actual birth day? Tell us what think of our podcast, join the conversation on … Read More