The inaugural Microflix Awards and Festival was held on Friday Sept 14 as part of the 2018 Surry Hills Festival. Microflix is a unique film festival which brings together great short Australian stories curated by Spineless Wonders and talented filmmakers. In its first year, emerging animators and sound designers from the University of Technology Sydney  worked with 200-wd texts to produce thirty micro-films of 90 seconds in length. Awards in the three categories of Best Adaptation, Best Direction and Best Sound were announced at the special screening event on Friday Sept 14. The thirty microflix will be screened nightly in Steel Ln (next to the Shakespeare Hotel) and all-day on Surry Hills Festival Day, Saturday Sept 22, 10-5pm at 1880 Hall, St Stephens, 235 Devonshire St, Surry Hills.

The nominated films and winners for each category are:

Microflix Spineless Wonders Award for Best Adaptation of a Microlit


Turing Test Study Guide:

Adapted from a microlit by Kristen Tranter pulblished in Flashing The Square.

Direction and design: Leanne Quach, Maxine Gando and Seo Young Kim


Adapted from a microlit by Susan Mcreery published in Loopholes.

Direction and Design: Ziyi Ren, Jinyi He and Jianqiao Shang


Adapted from a microlit by Jon Steiner published in The Last Wilkie’s & other stories.

Direction and Design: Karen Etherington, Kylie, Fredericas, Casper

Winner: Anchor

 Prize is $200 JB Hifi gift cards

Microflix UTS Award for Best Direction


Call an Ambulance:

Adapted from a microlit by Shady Cosgrove published in Flashing The Square.

Direction, Animation and Design : Romy Lester, Yayun Yang and Jessie Du


Adapted from a microlit by Evelyn Araluen published in Out Of Place.

Direction, Animation and Design Ananta Avilaazmi, Amy Bell, Will Thompson, Raynald Hidayat

Hold Up

Adapted from a microlit by Susan Mcreery published in Loopholes.

Direction, Animation and Design: James Vallance,  Jeremy Li, Xiaopeng Wang


Adapted from a microlit by Karen Whitelaw

Direction, Animation and Design: Maximilian Cao, Yvonne Cheung

And Karin Zhou-Zheng

Winner: Koi

Prize is $200 gift voucher from JB Hifi


Microflix Surry Hills Festival Award for Best Sound



Adapted from a microlit by Karen Whitelaw

Sound by: Zac Meagher, Yifan Shen and Aria Wood


Adapted from a Microlit by Evelyn Araluen published in Out Of Place.

Sound by Ilan Aarons, Elizabeth Dominis and Lachlan McKay

Over Time:

Adapted from a microlit by Kim Waters published in Time.

Sound by Blake Gilray, Daniel Grosskopf, Dean Hooper and Samuel Tregeagle

Winner: Museum

 Prize is $200 gift Vouchers for JB Hifi

The inaugural Microflix Festival is screening  thirty, short animated films inspired by micro fiction published by Spineless Wonders and produced by emerging animators and sound designers from the University of Technology Sydney under the supervision of filmmaker, Deborah Szapiro and sound designer, Felicity Wilcox.

Hosted by the Surry Hills Festival, the launch event on Friday Sept 14 celebrated the emerging animators and sound designers behind these entertaining, short films. The event was attended by a number of authors whose work featured in the films as well as friends and family of the filmmakers. The full list of 2018 microflix texts and their authors is as follows:

Title Author
 Skins Pip Smith
Koi Karen Whitelaw
Permanence Lee Kofman
Paper Lining Elizabeth Tyson-Donnelly
Museum Evelyn Araluen
Jesus Saves 82 Matthew Gabriel
What is Dog? Jude Bridge
Perpetual Motion Samantha See
Earth Dog Elizabeth Challoner
Butterflies in Iraq Tim Heffernan
Woof Scott-Patrick Mitchell
Screws Jon Steiner
Texting through Time Zones Johanna Ellersdorfer
I saw a man Die Cameron Semmens
Hold up Susan McCreery
Dante Tanya Grassi
Call an Ambulance Shady Cosgrove
Turing Test Study Guide Kirsten Tranter
Leaving Angela Argent
Average Morning Harriet McInerney
Overtime Kim Waters
Dancing Nick Couldwell
Flying the Dog Julie Chevalier
Tooth Jon Steiner
I don’t use my powers for good Ruth Wyer
Fritz Madelaine Baud
Proposal Jenni Nixon
Anchor Susan McCreery
Sanctuary Shady Cosgrove
Amelie Pamela Seckin

For more information on Microflix, check out the website here.

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