Slinkies – Submissions currently being judged

December 3, 2019By BKADSUBMIT

The 2020 Slinkies call out is now closed. Do you battle with Millennial Fatigue? Symptoms include a generalised sense of impending doom about our planet whilst at the same time tuning it out entirely to focus on what really matters… why does this person’s Instagram feed horrify me to my very core, yet I keep … Read More

Carmel Bird Digital Literary Award

December 2, 2019By BKADSUBMIT

Now in its third year, the Calmel Bird Digital Literary Award is for short story collections up to 30,000 words in length. The award includes cash prize amounts of $3000 for the winner and $1000 for two runners-up as well as world-wide digital publication of all three winning entries as part of our Capsule Collections … Read More

Little Fictions Callout: Year of the Rat

September 10, 2019By Bronwyn_MehanEVENTS, SUBMIT

Did you know that rats smile with their ears? Or, that they enjoy being tickled? Whilst in Western culture rats are viewed as pets or pests, in Chinese culture being a Rat suggests you might be clever, a quick thinker and successful. Love them or hate them, we’re looking for texts about rats. Whether it’s … Read More