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ecliptical addresses contemporary psychological, ethical and philosophical issues including family secrets and tensions, private and public creativity, the enigma of time, surveillance, fake news, disease, environmental damage and homelessness. It evokes many iconic topics such as the Berlin Wall, Covid 19, Trump and Brexit. The volume extends Hazel Smith’s long-standing experimentation with language, genre and other media, and many poems are inspired by music, painting or film. ecliptical includes prose poetry and short prose; texts that are synaesthetic, sonic or linguistic explorations; surreal excursions and ‘bullet point’ adventures in which each line unveils a new observation. Other pieces employ non-literary forms or include documentary or remixed elements. ecliptical also flirts with the posthuman in some collaborative computer-assisted poems.

About the author

Hazel Smith is a poet, performer, new media artist and academic. She has published four poetry volumes including The Erotics of Geography, Tinfish Press 2008 and Word Migrants, Giramondo, 2016. She has also published numerous performance and multimedia works and performed her work extensively internationally. She is a founding member of the sound and multimedia ensemble austraLYSIS. In 2018, with Will Luers and Roger Dean, she was awarded first place in the Electronic Literature Organisation’s international Robert Coover prize. Hazel is Emeritus Professor in the Writing and Society Research Centre, Western Sydney University. She has authored several academic books including The Contemporary Literature-Music Relationship, Routledge, 2016. Her website is at

Front cover artwork: Sieglinde Karl-Spence ‘Becoming’ 2003 (250x100x90mm variable). Winged feet woven with allocasuarina needles, New Zealand flax and surrounded with acacia melanoxylon seeds. Collection of Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Launceston, Tasmania.


Published by ES-Press, an imprint of Spineless Wonders

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April 2022


A5 14.8 x 21.0 cm