by Dominique Hecq

‘Heart-stopping narrative control and emotional resonance.’ Roanna Gonsalves


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Runner Up in the 2021 Carmel Bird Digital Literary Award

With Foreword by Eugen Bacon

‘You feel cold. Your eyes can’t focus. Your breathing is slow. Spiked. Soon the world will swoon. Soon, your voice will boom in your head. Soon, your body will play dead.’

Smacked and other stories of addiction is an evocative collection of moments showcasing human nature at its weakest and most vulnerable. Hecq’s poetic prose situates the reader firmly into the lives of her characters, taking them along for the ride as she presents each story with an inimitable flair that retains the realities of addiction and dependency. She handles each moment of fixation with a respect and delicacy that are fitting for such weighty themes, while still doing justice to the physical and mental ramifications and side effects of what some might call mere obsession.

‘With her new and brilliant collection, Smacked, Dominique Hecq proves again her literary virtuosity: portraits, fragments of broken lives, dialogues and memories assemble in a masterly patchwork of stories, at once subtle and brutal, that both shock and enthrall the reader. With her precise and evocative prose, Dominique Hecq is without a doubt the Katherine Mansfield of our times.’ Sebastien Doubinsky, Paperclip

‘In this truly eclectic collection the addicted become more than slipstreams of metaphorical notions, they become human; the woman with two left feet will dance.’ Evelyn Conlon, Irish short story writer

‘Delve into the fragility of the human psyche with Dominique Hecq’s collection of short stories Smacked and other stories of addiction. This collection invites you to experience the rollercoaster of shock, shame, desperation, and hope written into the lives of her very relatable characters.’ Marshall Moore, author of I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind of Thing

DOMINIQUE HECQ grew up in Belgium. She now lives in Melbourne. Hecq writes across genres and sometimes across tongues. Her works include a novel, four collections of stories and eleven books of poetry. Tracks (2020) and Songlines (2021) are her latest offerings. With Eugen Bacon, she co-authored Speculate (2021), a microlit dialogue.

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