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Helen Hopcroft

With foreword by Carmel Bird.

“Soon the night will come, and to save my life, I must tell another story”.
So begins the famous tale of Scheherazade, kidnapped from her parent’s home in the desert by the Sultan’s soldiers, and brought to his palace in the city. Every night she must invent a new story – “for his amusement: for my salvation” – so that she can live to see another dawn. Tormented by a feverish sexuality, Scheherazade tells stories with both words and skin. But after nearly a thousand nights in his palace, Scheherazade realises that the greatest threat to her life may not come from the Sultan himself.
The Nights is a passionate fairy tale about art, love, sex and power. It speaks to the creative struggle that all artists endure: the endless search for authenticity, inspiration and time.

Paperback, 130 pages, $29.99 + postage

  • also available as ebook and audiobook on Spotify

Please note, The Nights contains sexually-explicity content and is recommended to people over the age of 18 only. Spineless Wonders reserves the right to request proof of age before purchase.





‘Lush, opulent and dripping with sensuality, this novella will take you on a journey through 1001 nights that you’d wish would never end.’

-Paris Rosemont, Banana Girl

I’ve narrated so many books over the years, but every now and then there’s a special one — one that’s impossible to keep a professional distance from, but which moves and changes you in the reading of it.

 It’s difficult to describe how powerful this small book is. There’s the sheer poetry of the language. There’s the genuinely thrilling erotic writing (a rare thing indeed). There’s the deft weaving of the fictional, the magical, the soaring, the grotesque — by a woman coming into her power just when the world thinks her most powerless.

 The Nights is a chimeric, ambivalent, searching novella. It tackles — with terrifying openminded-ness and a complete absence of sentimentality — those two impossible questions of what it means to be an artist and what it means to love. It collapses the boundaries between sex and art, body and language, fantasy and life.

 And in the end it reminds us of something that, as a narrator, I should have known well: that words — and stories — live in the body. Story-telling is the most intimate and most transformative of acts. And we need it desperately if we are to survive.

-Kelly Burke, voice actor





About the author

Helen Hopcroft is a Tasmanian artist, performer, and writer. She holds a Royal College of Art MFA (Painting) and a Creative Writing PhD from Newcastle University.

Helen has written non-fiction books for the University of Newcastle and Hunter Valley Grammar School, with her publication list including The Australian, the Sydney Morning Herald, Art Monthly and The Griffith Review. Helen has been shortlisted for the 2022 and 2023 Newcastle Writers Festival joanne burns Microlit Award, and for the 2022 Nillumbik Prize for Contemporary Writing for her poem The Howling.

Helen once spent a year dressed as Marie Antoinette for a piece of performance art titled My Year as a Fairy Tale. She is currently writing a memoir about the experience. Helen lives in Maitland with her actor/musician husband Tony Jozef and daughter Sophie. She can be found online at @myyearasafairytale

Photograph by Joerg Lehmann

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