Coffee Pod|cast Episode 4 now out

May 28, 2018By Bronwyn_MehanShop

In this episode, Emma has chosen ‘Well, Then’ written by Susan McCreery, read by Eleni Schumacher and recorded live at Little Fictions at Sydney’s Knox St Bar. Our presenters challenge you to find some sexual innuendos in this piece. Subscribe to the podcast here. Let us know what you think of ‘Well, Then’ by leaving … Read More

Small Wonder review

October 15, 2012By Bronwyn Mehanreviews, small wonder interviews No Comments

We are reproducing, in full, this terrific review by Ali Jane Smith of our first prose poetry/microfiction anthology, Small Wonder. You can find other reviews, great fiction and poetry in the final issue of Famous Reporter here. Copies of Small Wonder can be purchased from our Products Page or ask for it at your local … Read More

Spineless Wonders asks Erin Gough

May 28, 2012By Bronwyn Mehaninterviews No Comments

1. What inspired you to write the prose poem/microfiction which is published in Small Wonder? I lived in Vancouver briefly a number of years ago and remember a Canadian friend of mine telling me proudly that instant mashed potato was a Canadian invention. This struck me as a hilarious thing to be proud of, until … Read More