Shuffle authors respond to composers Pt 1

April 2, 2019By Bronwyn_Mehanmicrolit, THE COLUMN

We invited authors to reflect on the soundscapes created by Sonant Bodies & friends for their microlit from the Shuffle anthology. In this post, you will read the responses of Jordie Albiston, Richard Holt, Paulette Smythe, Jen Craig and Christine Howe. We are also hosting an indepth discussion on microlit text and sound with Shuffle … Read More

What You Might Find – a heady experience

June 5, 2018By Bronwyn_MehanTHE COLUMN

We are delighted to bring you the text in full of Cassandra Atherton’s speech at the launch of Richard Holt’s debut collection, What You Might Find at St Kilda Readings earlier this year. Richard’s reply to this wonderful launch speech was to perform a few songs based on stories from the collection on his newly-invented … Read More

Out of Place video series

August 11, 2015By Bronwyn Mehanfeature article

Guest blogger, Harriet McInerney takes a look behind the scenes of Spineless Wonders’ latest microlit screen video project, Out of Place. The slim and stunning volume that is the Out of Place anthology is filled with expansive microliteratures that have been expanding right off the page! The Out of Place video works have been coming … Read More

Stoned Crow: Richard Holt

July 29, 2013By Bronwyn MehanStoned Crows interviews No Comments

1. What inspired you to write the prose poem/microfiction which is published in Stoned Crows & other Australian icons? The Swimmer was written looking out on one of those mornings when the coastal horizon has been lost and the grey of sea and sky become one. The story came quickly as I watched a lone … Read More