Spineless Wonders Asks Jennifer Mills

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1.     Who are the short fiction authors you admire (Australian or otherwise, alive or dead)? There are too many. I’ll restrict myself to the living: Cate Kennedy, Paddy O’Reilly, Steven Amsterdam, Gillian Mears, Yiyun Li, Etgar Keret, Karen Russell, and I know he’s won too many awards to be fashionable now but I loved Peter … Read More

Guest blogger Ryan O’Neill

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Marcus Clarke’s Offspring In his 1958 essay, “The Prodigal Son” Patrick White railed against Australian fiction as being “the dreary, dun-coloured offspring of journalistic realism.” While it is true that realism has long been dominant in Australian writing, and the Australian short story, there is a long tradition of experimental stories in Australia, as far … Read More

Standing up for short Australian stories

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Welcome Welcome to Spineless Wonders’ blog, The Column. Here you will find news, views and reviews from the short fiction scene. In coming weeks we will be posting Spineless Wonders Asks, a series of interviews with short story authors from around Australia. Here at Spineless Wonders, we love quality shorts of any stripe and we … Read More