Earworms festive season sale

December 24, 2012By Bronwyn MehanAudio No Comments

Earworms Sale – 50% off until Feb 1!!!! To celebrate the festive season, our short Australian audio stories are now on sale at half price. So this means you can grab yourself a 20-minute short story for as little as $0.99. Stock up for that summer road trip you have planned. Or if you’re working … Read More

Spineless Wonders Audio

August 7, 2012By Bronwyn Mehanguest blog No Comments

EARWORMS Breaking the Silence When I first began thinking about Spineless Wonders back in late 2010, I envisaged the three platforms, PRINT DIGITAL AUDIO. At last, we are now offering short Australian stories as audio files or, as we like to say, as Earworms, stories that stay with you. In writing this blog post, we … Read More

Spineless Wonders asks Erin Gough

May 28, 2012By Bronwyn Mehaninterviews No Comments

1. What inspired you to write the prose poem/microfiction which is published in Small Wonder? I lived in Vancouver briefly a number of years ago and remember a Canadian friend of mine telling me proudly that instant mashed potato was a Canadian invention. This struck me as a hilarious thing to be proud of, until … Read More