Coffee Pod|cast Ep 14 Blue Light Disco

October 15, 2018By Bronwyn_MehanEpisodes, NEWS & EVENTS (Homepage)

In this episode, Emma and Ali discuss ‘Blue Light Disco’ written by Newcastle author, Kellie Hawkins and performed by Eleni Schumacher. Their chat ranges across topics from Brett Kavanaugh to ballet flats and they ask you to share your memories of primary school dances. Join the discussion on Facebook. About the author Kellie Hawkins is … Read More

Q&A with Beth Spencer

October 11, 2018By Bronwyn_MehanShop, THE COLUMN

Beth Spencer, winner 2018 Carmel Bird Digital Literary Award, discusses the writing of The Age of Fibs with Bridgette Sulicich. Beth talks about her own reading and writing habits and about some of the inspirations behind this unique collection.

Coffee Podcast Ep 13 Perpetual Motion

October 1, 2018By Bronwyn_MehanEpisodes, microlit

In this episode, Ali and Emma discuss Samantha See’s ‘Perpetual Motion’ which is performed by Eleni Schumacher. Do we all really need to be attached to a particular physical place to feel at home? Join the discussion on Facebook. About the author Samantha See is a twenty-two year old writer, theatre maker and university … Read More

Time Microlit Author Julie Chevalier

September 28, 2018By Bronwyn_Mehanmicrolit, THE COLUMN, Time interviews

We spoke with Julie Chevalier about ‘An American Photographer Fails To Snap Australian Night Parrot’ which appears in Time, the latest Microlit anthology edited by Cassandra Atherton and published in 2018 by Spineless Wonders. In this interview, Julie talks about her approach to writing microlit, what she is reading right now and her favourite time of year … Read More